Hemen Ara

IO Card Production

IO Card Features

  • Detection of the condition of the machines before they go to malfunction and studies on predictive maintenance
  • Real time tracking of production
  • Real-time reporting of production data and connection to the production facility ERP system
  • Transferring reports about the production facility on the cloud and tracking the production over the cloud
  • Providing data with sensors, barcode or camera according to the need at the end point to be followed in the production facility

IO Card Usage Areas

  • Measurement of machine data in factories
  • Production tracking
  • Predictive maintenance practices

IO Card Benefits

  • Increasing Productivity
  • Detection and reduction of inefficient processes
  • Real time monitoring of the production facility
  • Real-time tracking of the productions made in the production facility
  • Tracking end-to-end processes with ERP integration

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