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Autonomous Automation Processes

The autonomous way to Industry 4.0 The increasing networking of industrial production requires more and more intelligent solutions in the field of intralogistics. Autonomous technologies help to successfully meet the demand for a highly flexible and transparent material flow.


  • We add the missing automation processes in the factory and follow all the processes in your factory.
  • We make one third of your factory autonomous.
  • We provide job and worker tracking.
  • We help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation deals with navigation within buildings. GPS reception is normally non-existent inside buildings other positioning technologies are used here when automatic positioning is desired. Wi-Fi Bluetooth or mobile devices are often used in this case to create a so-called "indoor GPS system". Contrary to GPS system however they also enable you to determine the actual floor level with indoor navigation methods. Most applications require an "indoor routing" functionality that guides people precisely through a building using an indoor navigation app and in this way automatically determines their position – very similar to the navigation systems that we use in our cars.


  • We provide indoor positioning service.
  • We provide building / in-mall navigation system.
  • We report customer behavior.

Autonomous Sea Vehicles

IWROBOTX is producing Autonomous Robots(Doris) that use image processing & AI to collect physical objects(solid) and liquid waste on water for the purpose of cleaning aquatic areas and coastal areas. Robot Doris can detect & collect floating waste from surface on water and then Doris sends all data to the internet(cloud) related to collected waste.


  • Waste Capacity: 1000lt
  • Working Area 7500km^2
  • Remote control distance: 50km
  • Working time: 36 hours
  • Power 20HP
  • WxLxH = 5.00 x 2.65 x 1.80m
  • Patented technology

Autonomous Land Vehicles

We help you to develop autonomous Land Vehicles processes and to prepare sharp road maps in your prototype. We are preparing the necessary processes for you the way for the first commercial prototype.

Autonomous Air Vehicles

We help you to develop autonomous Air Vehicles processes and to prepare sharp road maps in your prototype. We are preparing the necessary processes for you the way for the first commercial prototype.

Industry 4.0 Automation Strategy

Starting with Industry 4.0 business model. We derive strategies to achieve your degree of automation in production. We know which traditional automation functions are currently being replaced by IoT in the context of previous proprietary systems. This knowledge is of great importance to develop IT architecture.

IoT Sensor Platform

We control the quality of air spaces by constantly measuring the air quality in public living areas.

Ground Stations

The ground station is designed for over-the-horizon flight and it uses split structure design style. The ground station has a new flight mode auto-flight mode and it has the function of real-time flight feedback high-definition image reception automatic take-off and landing and route planning. Customers can use it to control drones with different modules. Under the premise of these functions we optimized the mode of operation simplified panel buttons to make the system easier to control. At the same time with the help of our self-developed flight control system and remote transmission equipment users can set flight routes through ground station software to achieve automatic flight. The Ground Control Station is designed by IWROBOTX. It has lots of communication protocols such as 1.4GHz Lora, 2.4GHz Telemetry, 5G, I2C, SPI, USB2.0, Ethernet, ADC, DAC and IOs.

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