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  • Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

The rapid production and mass production processes that started with the industrial revolution continued until the data became meaningful and studies were carried out to reduce or eliminate the carbon footprint. Since 2010, chip technologies have changed very rapidly every day, New chip technologies that make production processes more efficient become more easy and cheap product.
In 2022, quantum computers have became capable of breaking even crypto passwords. Data which are obtained in the production processes give advanced technology analysis models such as AI and Deep ML can be analyzed with a much faster and more stable result. Processes that can be considered complex for people can solve easly with the methods.

We reduce the carbon footprint of your businesses by 30-70% with the our technologies and the technologies that will make the processes in your business more efficient and more stable can bring your proceses more sustainable.

You can contact our companies about reducing of carbon footprint in your business.

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