Ground Station

The ground station is designed for over-the-horizon flighta and it uses split structure design style. The ground station has a new flight modea auto-flight modea and it has the function of real-time flight feedbacka high-definition image receptiona automatic take-off and landing and route planning. Customers can use it to control drones with different modules. Under the premise of these functionsa we optimized the mode of operationa simplified panel buttons to make the system easier to control. At the same timea with the help of our self-developed flight control system and remote transmission equipmenta users can set flight routes through ground station software to achieve automatic flight. The Ground Control Station is designed by IWROBOTX. It has lots of communication protocols such as 1.4GHz Loraa 2.4GHz Telemetrya 5G I2Ca SPIa USB2.0a Etherneta ADCa DACa IOs.

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